Why choose Solutions I.D.S.?

With over 15 years in operation and an highly skilled team, we can provide the right solution to even the most complex IT problem or  project.

We use cutting edge tools, hardware, software and methods to ensure your company's long term IT success.


New products are coming soon!
In our never ending quest to provide the best products and solutions to our clients, we are expanding our product lineup to include the HP brand. 

Aided by cutting-edge tools, our technicians are able to diagnose and resolve the most complex of system and network problems.

Diagnostics and repair services rates.

Service First Hour Additional Hours
On premises 9am to 6pm 80$ 70$
On premises 6pm to 9am (Emergency Service) 95$ 85$
Off premises 9am to 6pm 65$ 55$
Off premises 6pm to 9am (Emergency Service) 75$ 65$


Service   Per 15 minutes
Remote Assistance 9am to 6pm (RDP,VNC, Telnet, SSH) 25$
Remote Assistance 6pm to 9am (RDP,VNC, Telnet, SSH) 35$

Due to the complexity of Virus and Malware diagnostics and repair, we do not offer remote assistance or on premises service for this type of issue.

** N.B. : All our services are billed a minimum of one hour. Additional hours will be rounded off to 15 minute increments **

** N.B. : All unpaid invoices will be transferred to a recovery agency **

** N.B : A security deposit may be required for some services **


With the increasing number of ransomware cases worldwide, installing proper security software and policies are crucial steps in preventing ransomware attacks from occurring.

We highly recommend implementing resilient backup plans with offsite copies in order to mitigate the damage and loss such an attack could cause in the event that it makes it through the security layers in place. 

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